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Se�or Locos in Plano, Texas

When Señor Locos Icehouse opened its first location in 2012, the idea was to bring a little loco to Plano. For us, that meant breaking the rules: Who decided that you couldn't go on vacation during your lunch break? Who says that the art of tacos cannot be revolutionized? Not all tacos are created equal, and ours is the most unequal of all taquerias in TexMexico. Anyone who has sat down in our patio or walked in through our garage doors knows that when one comes to visit Senor Loco's, one becomes truly "libre" (meaning free, liberated, in the clear).

Many have asked what makes Senor Locos so especial- to which we say, it may be the Nacho Libre paraphernalia, painted bold and beautifully on our walls. Or it may be our free-spirited tacos, like the Go FISH! Ceviche (pico, avo, shrimp, tilapia, salsa) Taco. Or it may be our famous sixshooter of mouthwatering salasa's, served together as a flight of moves more powerful than the most potent luchador flying dropkick. And of course, it could be the tequila, or the 29 degree beer. The truth is, no one really knows what makes the luchador so libre, and no one truly knows what makes us so libre when we go to Senor Locos. We just know that this is truly a place where we could wear socks and crocks and know that we have nothing to fear. So get loco, muchachos, and you won't look back.

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